Alas Eius

Designed with our customer in mind, Alas Eius is our exclusive in-house label incorporating minimal, timeless, and design focused items that create the perfect capsule wardrobe.

Christian Wijnants

Christian Wijnants is an Antwerp-based fashion designer. Born in Brussels, Christian moved to Antwerp in 1996 to study fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Art. His graduate collection won the Dries Van Noten Award for best collection in 2000.

Inspired by the Antwerp's rich cultural heritage, Christian's womenswear brand is known for its innovative knitwear, striking prints and a rich color palette. The collections evoke a sense of ease, freedom and fluidity.


Cordera is based in Galicia, where its garments are carefully crafted and finished by hand by small family-owned factories.

Natural fabrics and upcycled yarns culminate in a timeless, one-size-fits-all wardrobe: Monochromatic knits, shirts, loungewear, and trousers are thoughtfully designed and cut to fit and flatter all body shapes. Cordera's comforting silhouettes in neutral tones emanate a pure and simple allure, adaptable to all routines and seasons.

Henrik Vibskov

Henrik Vibskov is a danish fashion designer, artist, curator and musician. Commonly associated with the fashion brand carrying the same name, the designer's work is known for its enticing universes and crossover into art installation, scenography, costumes, video, performance and exhibitions.


LoQ is derived from the surnames of Keren Longkumer and Valerie Quant. With a mutual affinity for minimal yet unconventional proportions, shapes, and colors — LoQ was formed in 2015. 

Handcrafted in the south of Spain, the shoes are made with quality materials and techniques of a time-honored tradition.

Mijeong Park

Drawing inspiration from her surrounding areas, Mijeong Park pairs modern silhouettes with neutral color tones as a natural reflection of true comfort. Mijeong's clothing is designed with quality and refinement for the modern woman.

Rachel Comey

Rachel Comey is an American fashion designer and creator of the eponymous New York based label. Her clothes and accessories embody the “women dressing for women” approach, with fits and fabrics that telegraph confidence and a certain loopy creativity.

St. Agni

St. Agni is an independent, Australian design studio, founded in Byron Bay. The studio explores contemporary wardrobing through considered design and precise tailoring, that speaks to a minimalist aesthetic.

Since its conception, the studio lives by the philosophy of ‘less is more’, keeping versatility and longevity at the forefront of decision making. The collections are underpinned by the appeal of a modern uniform, offering an ever-evolving style of wardrobing. St. Agni blends timeless silhouettes and considered detailing, with an emphasis on exceptional fabrics and supply chain transparency.


Since 2005, VEJA has been creating sneakers in a different way, mixing social projects, economic justice, and ecological materials.

VEJA uses Brazilian and Peruvian organic cotton for the canvas and laces, Amazonian rubber for the soles, and various innovative materials conceived in recycled plastic bottles or recycled polyester.

VEJA sneakers are produced in high-standard factories in Brazil. The logistics of our VEJA stores in Europe and e-commerce are managed by Log’ins, a professional and social inclusion company.